Custom Blow / Fill / Seal Machinery

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Saline Solution Sterile Packaging / Sterile Water Packaging MachinesSaline Solution Sterile Packaging / Sterile Water Packaging Machines

Sterile water and sterile sodium chloride (saline) can be packaged in soft, low-density polyethylene containers designed with large openings and snap-off or twist-off tops for ease of use. Typical bottle sizes range from 50mL to 1000 mL.

Douche/ Enema Sterile Liquid PackagingDouche/Enema Sterile Liquid Packaging

Complex container geometries can be developed for many applications. Rectal and vaginal applications typically require anatomically adaptive features in their container designs such as long applicators or nozzles. Weiler Engineering, Inc. design engineers can provide assistance with the development of custom designs to suit specific needs.

Large Volume Nebulizer and Humidifier Blow/Fill/Seal PackagingBeverage and Isotonics Blow/Fill/Seal Packaging

Weiler Engineering, Inc. has produced many custom shapes and easily recognizable geometries for applications in the beverage marketplace. Dual-chamber containers, collapsible or squeezable designs, shapes for gripping and creative engraving and coloring can be incorporated during bottle design/development.