Custom Blow / Fill / Seal Machinery

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Single Dose B/F/S Vials

Unit dose Blow/Fill/Seal vials for one-time ophthalmic use have become an accepted international standard. The ASEP-TECH® Advantage® is reflected in the development of formulations that no longer contain preservatives, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions for patients.

Tip and Cap Insert Multi-Dose Ophthalmic Packaging

The ASEP-TECH® system can include the application of insertion technology to permit the incorporation of a tip and cap insert into the Blow/Fill/Seal package to produce a calibrated drop.

Eye Wash Blow/Fill/Seal Packaging

The ASEP-TECH® system produces a package that remains hermetically sealed until its point of use. Emergency eye wash stations utilize a blow/fill/seal container, typically 12 to 16 ounces, with a twist-off or snap-off top for quick dispensing of sterile water or saline in industrial and laboratory applications.

Spike Top Multi Dose Container Packaging

Spike top containers are used for many over-the-counter eye care products – including “red eye” and “dry eye” formulations – for multiple dosing in the 5 to 20 mL range. This type of Blow/Fill/Seal package is extremely cost-effective and produces an enhanced level of sterility assurance for the consumer.