Custom Blow / Fill / Seal Machinery

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Take-Out Deflasher

Our Take-Out Deflasher assembly can be integrated with the Mold Carriage of most of our B/F/S machines.  This unit is designed to remove the top flash from LDPE resin containers in the 0.5 to 1000mL range that have just extracted from the mold set. This action occurs within the normal cycle of the B/F/S machine.  The lower area acts as clamp jaws to hold the containers during cycle movements and during the deflashing sequence.

The finished containers are placed onto an exit conveyor to move out of the cleanroom. At that point they are available for your further inspection checks, process, or packaging.

Scrap is controlled and moves down a chute to an exit scrap conveyor and then integrates to your removal system out of the cleanroom. The punch and die tooling is hydraulically actuated.  Hydraulic and sensor electrical energy is sourced from the B/F/S machine.