Custom Blow / Fill / Seal Machinery

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Fully automatic or manual-load slitter/singulators can be provided, custom designed to enable separation of containers after the deflashing station.  The designs permit complete separation of each “pack” to produce different combinations (singles, 2-packs, 3-packs, etc.).   Alternatively, blade spacing can be set to produce an initial (or partial) separation at the parting lines of the connected containers while keeping the original “pack” partially attached to enable downstream material handling (labeling and leak detection). 

This is very important when Polypropylene is the resin of choice, since the characteristics of this resin can make separation of individual containers difficult.  The slitter helps minimize this difficulty by initiating the separation without human intervention.

Blades are double edged to permit easy, rapid changeover to minimize down-time.  Included is a spare blade module, mounted in a convenient storage location.