Custom Blow / Fill / Seal Machinery

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A two-component package is available to enhance the environmental process conditions within the extrusion zone of the ASEP-TECH® machine.  HEPA filtered air is supplied to an enclosed area encompassing the parison head and mold transport area of the ASEP-TECH® machine.   Airflow to this area is monitored with a flow sensor and alarmed to ensure consistent operation.  Control of this “zone of protection” reduces effects due to potential changes in the machine room environment. 

A secondary stainless steel collection shroud encloses the parison head and is coupled to an exhaust system with an external blower to be mounted outside the cleanroom within 30’ (9 meters) of the ASEP-TECH® machine.

This combination system helps ensure that typical non-viable particle counts in this area will meet US FDA Class 10,000 under dynamic conditions.

Parison Shrouding System Parison Shrouding System